High Risk Credit Card Processing

High Risk Credit card processing

We get 95% of our clients approved for a merchant account

Some Merchants may be legitimate but are considered "High Risk" by Merchant Processing Banks.  Merchant Banks want to reduce their risk related to the fraudulent activity by unscrupulous business owners who accept credit cards as payment but never deliver the product.  The Bank is left holding the bag!  Unfortunately sometimes, good businesses are penalized.

A business model is considered risky when there is a higher statistical likelihood of chargebacks occuring due to customer dissatisfaction.  The reasons for customer dissatisfaction can be varied, ranging from delayed delivery dates to unmet product or service expectations.

Some businesses may have a history of chargebacks, poor credit or poor financial liquidity.
eMerchant is a Merchant Account Provider that represents a portfolio of Banks and Financial Partners who are willing to entertain Merchant Accounts deemed "high risk" We get 95% of our Clients approved for a Merchant Account.  While we cannot promise everyone the ability to accept credit cards, your best chance for success is with eMerchant.

Our Merchants Include:

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